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Three different locomotives

2 locomotives are operational and 1 Moës CL is being restored (see below)

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New: Moës CL "Dolly"

Moës narrow gauge locomotive CL (Dolly)

DollyRunUp This diesel locomotive for narrow gauge 60 cm, dating from the twenties, was built in the workshops of the company MOES in Waremme (Belgium). It has a 1-cylinder two-stroke diesel motor, water cooled, with incandescent head. It was recovered at the end of March 1998 in a factory in the Ghent harbour, just before the factory was to disappear to allow the construction of the Kluizen dock. It had been inactive for 35 years already. No one could remember this locomotive in action, neither a retired worker, nor the boss himself. The restoration project was to last two years, but alas … we even did not succeed in making it operational for the season 2001. Not only it proved to be ‘’an old lady’’ infested with rust, but also it had obviously serviced until all parts had worn out. The motor was completely jammed and a layer of paint could not be of any help.

For lack of space, the locomotive stood in the open, which meant an annual winter break. Restorer Martin Van Hecke was sent abroad on a humanitarian mission, so the restoration was delayed by one year. But we do not complain: the motor has been re-installed on the chassis and we have attacked the problems with the two couples. Still … during the first test on the motor, another problem arose: the drive wheel cracked while we were warming up the motor. This meant another two months of delay. After revising the motor, we had many headaches with the sheet metal work.

Dolly was transferred to the Stoomcentrum on 22 April 2006.

The little machine does not pass unnoticed during the trial test: it shakes, trembles and makes a hell of a noise. It smokes a lot and it shoots sparks. But … Dolly runs!

The central lubrication of the motor works perfectly, as does the completely revised water pump.
Beyond expectations, the drive chains function well. The new crankshaft bearings seem to be OK.
We have to wait and see what the new wheel bearings will be doing, but the first results are satisfactory.

We still have work to do: put new windows (as good as ready), make some necessary adjustments, check the brakes (that do not work properly) ….. all is a little displaced and the click mechanism of the clutch needs adjusting …

After all that we can complete the restoration by making some sheets (for underneath the boiler) , putting the name shields and repainting the locomotive.
Dolly will most probably be operational to serve on Sundays.
A very successful restoration!

To conclude: this locomotive will be called “Dolly” after restoration. Enjoy the images: click on the photo on the left.

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