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Not operational since June  5th, 2007
Polish ex-PKP 2-6-2 steam locomotive, built in 1952 by Chrzanow, stored in Maldegem by its English owner “European Locomotive Preservation Society”.

The PKP (Polish Railways) used this locomotive mainly to pull local passenger trains. The locomotive with tender weighs more than 144 tons. Speed: about 100 km/hour.

The OL was brought to Belgium in 1996, together with three former Polish TKP locomotives. SCM used the OL49-12 to pull special trains, like the Santa Claus Express, or during the Steam Festival. On June 5th 2007 the test certificate expired. This locomotive will be withdrawn from service to be displayed. For more photos: visit the photo album.

TKh 5387 "General Maczik"

The Polish 0-6-0 TKh 5387 steam locomotive was built in 1959 for the Cementownia Saturn in Wojkowice, Poland and was active until 1990. Until 1994, she pulled cement wagons from the factory to a railyard a few km away.

That same year, a number of British rail enthousiasts from NLR(Northampton & Lamport Railway) bought this locomomotive, restored her in Pyskowicein (together with OL 49-12), and then moved her to Great Britain for a new future. Until late 2006 she was deployed on that tourist railway near Northampton.

Since there was no indoor depot, the locomotive got exposed to outside weather. So after some time, she needed once again a major revision and was offered for sale.

By chance, the members of the Stoomcentrum discovered this opportunity and after a site visit, the purchase was settled.

Some technical data:

- year of construction: 1959
- length: 9170 mm
- maximum speed: 40 km/h
- empty weight; 34.8 ton
- service weight: 44.8 ton
- coal content: 2.5 ton
- water tank content: 5000 L

A short deployment followed in 2006 (3 days) and then the Stoomcentrum started with a complete revision of the locomotive. The steam boiler received brand new flame pipes and got approved by "AIB Vinçotte". Water tanks and many other parts got renewed or replaced and all parts were completely adjusted. Since the 18'th of november 2007, this showpiece drove regularly through the "Meetjesland".

We inspired the name from General (Stanislas) Maczek, liberator of our regions.
The locomotive is Polish, small and agressive, just like the famous first Polish amored division!
Second reason was because of the fact that the Polish liberators only got a little bit of recognition due to the changed situatuon out there and and the iron curtain. TKh 5387 is a real European example of rolling heritage.

Fred 1908

Restoration project completed, Operational 1st May 2009
Fred is a typical English 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive, in a fresh blue livery.
The machine was built in 1925 by Avonside and has received the construction number 1908.

The locomotive has been brought to Belgium in 1991 by its English owner, Kevin Hoggett. Who is a former technician of British Railways, now living in Belgium and an active member of the Stoomcentrum

She now lives in Belgium and is an active member of the Steamcenter.

After many years of faithful service, the steamcenter started in 2002 with an extensive restoration of the locomotive, wich has been completed in 2009.

On the 1rst of May 2009, Fred made it's official comeback during our annual Steam Festival.

St.-Léonard 947 (Yvonne)

Restoration project

(Preliminary photo. Sorry about the bad quality.)
Yvonne is most probably one of the oldest steam locomotives in Belgium, built in 1893 by St.-Léonard (Liège). This small 0-4-0 locomotive was used in the local industry.

When going out of use, it was bought by the scrap dealer Focquet from Vilvoorde, who sold it later to the local railway museum (MSTB) where it was partly restored. When this museum was shut down in the early nineties, Louis Heyvaert (then president of the Stoomcentrum) bought the locomotive. It was not further restored and in 2003 it was sold to Stijn Vandenbranden, a staff member of the Stoomcentrum, who seriously considers restoring it himself.

Technical data:

Steam locomotive Saint Leonard number 947, built in 1893 in Liège.
Operational pressure of the steamer: 10kg/cm2.
Operational weight: 15 tons.
Original fire tube steamer from 1893 with a brass brazier in very good shape. Fuel: coal.

In its category, this locomotive is the only one preserved in Belgium. So we can call it a unique piece of Belgian industrial heritage. After restoration it will also be the oldest operational steam locomotive in Belgium.


Restoration project

La Meuse 0-6-0-T Bébert (1926) was saved from being scrapped thanks to a lightning action by our president Jason Van Landschoot. The former “Limburgse Stoom Vereniging” had already sold parts of the machine to a scrap dealer when the tv-news paid them a visit.
During the interview, the director of LSV (Casier) said that there were no Belgian associations showing interest in taking over the material. He forgot to mention that these associations had never been contacted.
The complete driving gear, the dome and several other parts had been removed. The smoke house showed signs of cutting. The brake compressor and its accessories were recovered.
One connecting rod was lost forever.

Bébert in better times at the station in As. (photo LSV)

We set up a fund to collect tax deductible gifts that will allow us to gradually rebuild the machine.
The restoration started end of 2007.

HaWD 196 Austerity

Restoration project

Haine Saint-Pierre nr.1405

Not operational
The Haine St.-Pierre was built in 1923 (serial number 1405).
This 0-6-0 machine is stored in Maldegem. We do not yet have restoration plans, although the machine (especially the steamer) is in good condition.

Steam crane

Not operational
This 0-4-0 steam crane was built in 1930 by Cockerill.
It has the serial number 6047. The crane arm is stored separately. The crane is not operational.