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Diesel traction standard gauge________

HLR 8040

Operational and authorized for the Belgian railway net
1960 - 1963

TT 4403

Operational and authorized for the Belgian railway net

TA 4620


Loco tractor 9151

1963 - 1964

ES 202

From 1971 to 1972, 12 railbusses have been build for the "service ES" (ES = elektricity/signalisation) which was responsible for the maintenance of the overhead elektric lines and the signalisation on the Belgian railroads. These railbusses have been used mainly for fast and easy repairs on the overhead wires. For this purpose, the ES railbusses are provided with a platform which could turn 180 degrees and be lifted using hydraulic power. For the workers, there was also a small, with heating provided refectory.

The ES railbusses have the possibility to be coupled with another railbus and being controlled both simultaneously by one driver. There is also enough horsepower to pull a few wagons.

Some technical data:

original number of constructed railbusses: 12
year of construction: 1971-1972
numbering: 501-512
Max. speed: reduced to 90 km/h
motor: Poyaud (4 stroke)
power: 250 kW
rotation speed: 1800 rounds/minute
weight: 34 tons
constructor: BN
wheel diameter: 0.750 m
transmission: SA Acec
content gasoline tank: 800L

A maintenance railbus of the ES200 type has been added to the working material of the steamcenter by Rik Crop and Sven De Boeck in 1999, since The NMBS discarded all these railbusses. Later on, the shares of Rik Crop have been bought by Patrick Braeckman.

During the summer and the last months of 2008, an urgent overhaul has been performed and the original green color has been exchanged for a new red-colored livery.

Remaning reserved ES200 railbusses:
202: Steamcenter Maldegem
205: SDP Baasrode

Moës "Karien"

Not operational

Brossel 551.15

Not operational